The Transfiguration of Our Lord – Feb. 11

Psalm 50:1-6; 2nd Kings 2:1-12; 2nd Corinthians 3:12-13, 4:1-5. Mark 9:2-9.

Psalm 50: 1-6. We are instructed about true worship and true sacrifice from God’s goodness.

Children’s chat: Listen!

Dearly beloved children in Christ, what do you to listen too most? Do you like music, your teachers voice, your father or mothers voice; your sisters or brothers voice? Whatever the voice that you like to hear, why do you like to hear their voice? Today, we hear the Voice of God the Father. How do you think His voice sounds? AWESOME? Do you know what God’s voice three of the disciples? LISTEN TO JESUS. What does Jesus voice sound like? Probably the best voice you will ever hear! Do you know why His voice is the best? His Voice is the best because He always says He loves us- you and me. Let us pray: Dear Jesus help us to hear you always… we love you always. Amen.

Adult Sermon: Knowing that the Lord is Speaking thru you.

“Rabbi, it is good that we are here .” Mark 9:5a.

Grace, mercy and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Dearly beloved in Christ,

In today’s gospel, St. Mark presents the Transfiguration (Mark 9: 2-10). The Greek word for transfigure is metamorphose which means change of form or appearance.   In the Gospel story Jesus takes Peter, James and John to the top of a mountain where his appearance changed before their eyes.  First his “clothes became dazzling white.”  Then Moses and Elijah appeared and had a conversation with Jesus. At this sublime moment, Peter tried to stop the action so he could capture the experience and enshrine it in three tents.  But before he could move, a cloud came over them and the three disciples and Jesus heard the voice of God say: “This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him.”    In a flash it was all over.  The disciples looked around and saw only a very human Jesus.    For Jesus the Transfiguration was affirmation that his mission was valid.  For the disciples, it was an astounding event they would not understand until after the Resurrection.  It was a moment caught in their minds and their hearts forever.   Throughout scripture, the people who have direct encounters with God come away changed individuals.  Abram, Moses, Elijah and all the prophets were ordinary folks from many different life circumstances. After they experienced God, they changed, becoming Old Testament superheroes.

In the New Testament, Saul of Tarsus met Jesus on the road to Damascus.  The encounter transformed him from Saul, a persecutor of Christians to Paul, the most ardent Christian in the Greco-Roman world.  No one can meet God face to face and remain the same.  It is a transforming event.

As Lutheran Christians, we believe that we experience the real presence of God when we receive the sacrament of the Altar. We are in the Holy communion with God: Father, Son and Spirit. We hear the words of God in sacred scripture, song and preaching. And we encounter God in our interactions with one another in our families, in our parish and in our community and in relationship with Pastor.

In the work that we are called to do in our everyday lives, we are blessed to do our work knowing that God has blessed us to our work in Jesus name.  Every time we attend Divine services, receive the Lord’s supper, read scripture and join in Christian bible studies and fellowship, our lives are transfigured.  Our encounters with God should shine through in everything we say and do. In 2 Corinthians 3: 18, St. Paul, the ardent Christian says, “All of us, gazing with unveiled face on the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, as from the Lord who is the Spirit.”

Saints, Lent starts this Wednesday night with our service at 7:00PM. Lent is a time for transformation.  It provides us with many opportunities to re-form our lives, change our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us so we can “show forth the image God.”  We have a special opportunity for personal transformation this week as we receive again His Holy Presence in Holy Communion and mark ourselves with the distribution of ashes. Then we meet each Wednesday night through 40 days, for worship, prayer, preaching and praise of God.  Please consider joining us in worship, prayer and fellowship as we journey through Lent each Wednesday night Feb 14th– March 21st.

Let us pray:   Abba, Loving Father, for a fleeting moment you glorified your Son on the mountain

to encourage him to carry out his mission and to strengthen his disciples.

Let the presence of your Son in this sacrament of the Altar and the words He speaks to us

transform us and give us light and strength to take up our task in life and to lighten the burden

of our brothers and sisters, until you transform us with Him in the lasting light of your glory.

We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.


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